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“Dr. Wynn and her staff are exceptional in their friendliness, knowledge and help. They all make visiting the dentist a delightful experience. Dr. Wynn is the best dentist I’ve encountered in all my life and would recommend her services to anyone, especially those who are afraid of going to the dentist. ”

- Peter D.

“I have to admit that I was NOT looking forward to Jaydyn’s appointment last week. I didn’t think she would be leaving your office a happy girl, but I was so wrong. You were great with her! I could not believe how quickly you were finished. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you. Thank you for taking care of me and my family.”

- E.

“My mother and I have been patients of Dr. Wynn’s for approximately ten years. Both of us have been impressed by her professionalism and expertise, and not to mention her fantastic staff. We’ve gone to her for dental needs far beyond routine cleanings, and have been extremely satisfied with the results. Neither of us would hesitate to recommend Dr. Wynn to anyone looking for a highly skilled, courteous dentist.”

- Roxanne & Melissa B.

“Thank you so much for making me feel so comfortable in a very stressful situation. Your kindness was appreciated in a difficult time for me. Thanks again!”

- Kathy K.


“As a child I was terrified of going to the dentist, even though he was our next-door neighbor. There was something about the noise of the drill and the pain that stays with you as an adult. I am currently a high school special education teacher, and have many students that seldom see a dentist for that very reason.

I have been a patient of Dr. Wynn’s for over ten years, having been referred by a friend. My husband is also a patient of Dr. Wynn’s, although it had been many years since he had seen a dentist prior to our marriage in 1998. He was one of those many adults who feel that they only need to go to a dentist if they are in pain or having a problem. Since going to Dr. Wynn and seeing and feeling the difference good dental hygiene brings to your quality of life, he no longer feels the same way about going to the dentist.

I cannot say enough good things about the quality and care that is provided in her office: from the receptionist, to the oral hygienist and the dental technician. All the personnel that Dr. Wynn surrounds herself with are caring, compassionate, and highly-skilled individuals. They are also warm and welcoming each and every time you walk through the door. The staff takes the time to get to know the patients and ask about their lives. They have rescheduled appointments and gotten me in at a moment’s notice if I was having a problem.

It seems strange to be singing the praises of a dentist, but it has been a pleasure to get to know Dr. Wynn and her courteous staff and see them twice a year for checkups. They have become an extended family that truly cares and I feel blessed to have them in my and my husband’s lives.”

- Kathryn R.

“I had my first in-office whitening visit. I can’t believe how easy and painless the whole experience was—in and out in an hour—with beautiful, shiny white teeth. I feel like it’s taken years off of my teeth. My teeth look as white as I remember them looking when I had my braces off in eighth grade. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with these choppers.”


“My childhood experience with a dentist was best described as grim. It led me to neglect my dental health. Teeth that been improperly drilled and filled had to be pulled. My husband found Dr. Wynn and shortly thereafter, so did I. The experience has changed my outlook on dentists and working together (with them) to maintain the good health of my remaining teeth.”

—Elena S.

“Dr. Wynn and staff are compassionate and professional. The office is clean and beautifully decorated, which lends it a home-like feeling, putting anyone with anxieties about going to the dentist at ease.”

—Mary Jo

“Dr. Mary Ellen Wynn’s dental practice in the Western Hills area is by far the best dentist I have visited. My first appointment was 15+ years ago when she took me in for an urgent cracked tooth. Service was excellent and professional. My family continues to visit on a regular basis.”

—James A.

“I am very picky when it comes to doctors. I see so many and have had so many bad experiences that when I find a doctor that I like I will never leave that practice. Dr. Wynn and her staff are absolutely wonderful. They always have a smile on their face and they make you feel comfortable. I have never had to wait long to be taken back and once I’m back it seems like everything goes so fast because of the way they keep conversation going to make you feel like a friend.”

—Karen E.

“I asked around, searched the Internet looking for a new dentist that is a leader in technology. I found a caring, friendly atmosphere. She explained what my best options would be and how we will work together during the course of my care. Dr. Wynn has a new lifetime patient. I highly recommend you call, too.”

- Lisa

“Everyone in the office always treats us with a friendly, courteous and professional manner.”

- Everett B.

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