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Occlusal Disease Treatment

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Occlusal disease is one of the most common, and largely undiagnosed dental disorders affecting people. If left untreated, occlusal disease can damage your teeth, the supporting bones, and gums around your teeth, temporomandibular joints, and the jaw muscles you use for chewing. However, when properly diagnosed, there are options available to help decrease the symptoms and provide relief to patients. Dr. Wynn and her team are at the forefront of treatment for occlusal disease.


What is occlusal disease?

Occlusal disease, also called malocclusion, refers to the misalignment of the upper and lower teeth. It is frequently unrecognizable because those afflicted by it will often adapt their bite to compensate for the misalignment. Also, a common symptom, excessive wearing of the teeth, is dismissed as part of the “natural aging or wearing” of teeth. Some people believe the pain associated with this condition is something they have to live with, also. This is not so. Dr. Wynn can provide treatment to relieve the pain associated with occlusal disease.


The signs and symptoms of occlusal disease include:


  • Worn-down teeth
  • Teeth that are loose in their sockets
  • Cracked, chipped, or broken teeth
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold
  • Gum recession
  • Muscle pain and soreness in the face, jaw, ear, or mouth
  • TMJ symptoms (frequent headaches, jaw joints that pop, click, or lock)


Dr. Wynn and her trained team have your best interest at heart and therefore are particularly sensitive to the effects of occlusal disease and knowledgeable of the strategies to help alleviate its symptoms.


What are the treatment options for occlusal disease?

There are multiple options available to address occlusal disease, including orthodontia, bite splints, night guards, occlusal guards, and tooth reshaping. Dr. Wynn will examine your mouth to make her recommendations for your best outcome. If she believes that orthodontic treatment may be beneficial, she will refer you to a highly respected orthodontist for treatment.


After Dr. Wynn completes an examination and discusses your case with you, she may recommend an occlusal guard or nightguard to help decrease your symptoms. This is a simple treatment that we can provide in-house. These custom-made devices are worn at night while you sleep. They help prevent nighttime grinding and clenching and hold your jaw in the correct position. Because headaches, migraines and other TMJ–related pain is often caused by nighttime clenching and grinding, splints may be the best option to correct your bite and reduce daily pain.


Another solution for occlusal disease is tooth reshaping. The shape of your teeth can greatly affect your bite! After Dr. Wynn thoroughly examines your teeth and bite she can determine if the shape of your teeth is having a negative effect on your bite. If so, she can use dental instruments to reshape the specific teeth that are causing your bite problems. There could be instances where the tooth requires a restoration such as a dental crown or porcelain veneer in order to provide the shape needed for a proper bite and to give the tooth needed strength and structure.


Our goal is to preserve the oral health of our patients, as well as to anticipate the long-term results when restorative treatment is provided. Treating occlusal disease can lead to a long life of optimal oral health.

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