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Cracked, chipped, misshapen, or discolored teeth can cause a lot of insecurity. If left untreated, some of these problems — such as cracked or chipped teeth — may worsen and require extensive treatment. Thankfully, these flaws are easily treatable with a variety of cosmetic techniques.


At Mary Ellen Wynn, DDS, we are proud to offer custom bonding treatments. These treatments can be used to correct minor flaws or improve the aesthetic appearance of your teeth.


What is dental bonding?

Dental bonding is ideal for minor cosmetic enhancements. Unlike porcelain veneers, bonding is made of a tooth-colored resin which is bonded to your teeth. This procedure can be completed in a single visit. Bonding is an efficient and cost-effective way to correct minor flaws and discoloration in your smile while preserving your original tooth structure.


During your procedure, Dr. Wynn and her team will place the resin over your affected tooth. Because it is initially soft and malleable, Dr. Wynn will be able to shape the material to fit your tooth and correct the aesthetic flaws. Once the resin hardens, it will be polished for a beautiful finish.


Am I a candidate for bonding?

If you are uncomfortable with your smile, a bonding treatment may be a good solution. We may recommend this treatment for anyone suffering from:

  • Cracked or chipped teeth
  • Irregularly-shaped teeth (teeth that are small, thin, or pitted)
  • Teeth with noticeable gaps
  • Severe stains
  • Excessive wear
  • Slightly crooked teeth


Why should I choose dental bonding?

Dental bonding provides a conservative treatment option to those with minor aesthetic flaws. It is less costly than other cosmetic procedures and can generally be completed in one visit.


Bonding resin is a great solution for cosmetic improvements that need a faster and less expensive solution. Porcelain veneers will last longer and are considered a more aesthetically-pleasing treatment. However, the veneers’ cost reflects that upgrade. Resin is less expensive than veneers and comes in a variety of tooth-colored shades. Bonding resin can be placed in a single visit and allows Dr. Wynn to preserve the majority of your natural tooth structure.


Bonding can last between 5-7 years. However, if your bonding breaks, chips, or becomes stained, let us know. Dr. Wynn is generally able to repair or patch bonding in a single visit!


If you think you may be a candidate for dental bonding, contact our office today at 513-922-4221 to schedule an appointment. Together, we can decide if bonding is the best treatment for you!

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