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Our team is proud to offer a variety of comprehensive dental solutions. Whether you are in need of general dental care, restorative care, or cosmetic dental solutions, Mary Ellen Wynn, DDS is here for you!

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Preventative Dentistry

Stop dental problems in their tracks with one of our advanced preventative treatment options.

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Dental Hygiene/Exams

Experience an in-depth dental cleaning and exam that will leave you satisfied and confident in our care.

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Dental Fillings

Restore damage from minor injuries and decay and prevent cavities from forming with a filling treatment.

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Ask how you can strengthen your enamel and improve your teeth’s resistance to decay with a fluoride treatment during your next visit.

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Keep your teeth safe while playing sports or doing heavy physical activity with a custom-made mouthguard.



Protect your teeth from nighttime grinding and clenching with a comfortable custom dental nightguard.

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Dental Sealants

Give your teeth an extra layer of protection from cavities and decay with a realistic dental sealant.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Take advantage of our cosmetic dentistry treatment options for a healthy, beautiful smile you can feel confident in.

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Dental crowns can restore severely damaged teeth to their original look and functionality.

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Fill the gap left by a missing tooth with a functional, realistic dental bridge.

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Restore chipped, cracked, or irregularly shaped tooth with a quick, simple bonding treatment.

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Beautifully created porcelain veneers can restore minor tooth damage and improve the aesthetic of heavily stained teeth.

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Teeth Whitening

With Opalescence GO! take-home or in-office treatments our patients can experience beautiful whitening results that will last up to 3 years.

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Restorative Dentistry

With years of experience and a variety of advanced methods at our disposal, our team will be able to restore your smile — and your confidence!



Whether you are getting dentures for the first time, or are in need of restoration services, Dr. Wynn and her team are here to help.

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Periodontal Disease Treatment

Don’t let gum disease get out of hand — together we can treat infection, clean away build-up, and restore your gums back to full health.

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Dental Implant Restoration

Dr. Wynn and her staff are proud of their dental implant restoration services that are sure to keep your dental implants functional and beautiful.

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Occlusal Disease Treatment

Protect your teeth from unnatural wear and your jaw from pain by asking our team about occlusal disease and how we treat it.

Be confident in your oral health – call Mary Ellen Wynn, DDS
for a smile you can be proud of!

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