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At Mary Ellen Wynn, DDS, we’re passionate about patient care and providing the highest quality experience for each of our visitors. We know there are common concerns surrounding the spread of germs in any clinical environment, so we want to keep you informed on how we mitigate these risks.


There are three areas of focus when it comes to infection control and prevention in our facilities:

  • Cleaning the dental office thoroughly
  • Sterilizing our dental instruments frequently
  • Protecting our dental staff from transmitting germs from patient to patient


We’re committed to following all Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines to prevent the spread of harmful microorganisms. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and stringent sterilizing methods to keep our patients and staff from exposure to bacteria and viruses.

Cleaning the Dental Office

Mary Ellen Wynn, DDS uses an EPA-registered disinfectant to clean all reusable dental equipment. Our machines, like our digital radiology, or x-ray machine, are thoroughly surface-cleaned and then sterilized to keep bacteria and viruses at bay.


All of our facility’s surfaces are cleaned regularly. Clinical surfaces like dental chairs and chair-side instrument panels, sinks and basins, and countertops and computer keyboards are disinfected after every appointment, which means that we leave time for housekeeping and don’t overschedule.


We thoroughly disinfect the reception area, waiting rooms, and restrooms throughout the day as well. Our daily cleaning crew keeps floors, walls, and trash areas tidy and free from any debris. We know you’ll find our office to be not only comfortable but sparkling clean.

Sterilizing Our Dental Instruments

The American Dental Association (ADA) advocates the use of sterilization equipment such as a dental autoclave. This tool works by combining heat and pressure in a steam-filled chamber to thoroughly disinfect dental instruments for 15 minutes or more. We use the dental autoclave on all critical instruments, like forceps and periodontal scalers. Not only does the environment of 250 degrees Fahrenheit kill any microorganisms, but it also destroys all remaining spores.


Just as important as using this device on our dental instruments is ensuring that the machine itself is in working order. That’s why we regularly conduct dental sterilizer monitoring per ADA guidelines, checking mechanical, chemical, and biological indicators to confirm that the autoclave is doing its job keeping our patients safe.


Any heat-sensitive instruments that can’t be disinfected via the autoclave are decontaminated through chemical or cold sterilization techniques. We frequently swap out chemical solutions to maintain their effectiveness. Disposable items are kept sealed until use and discarded immediately following. Our practice uses a combination of methods and top-of-the-line sterilizing equipment to ensure that all of our instruments are safe for use during your visit.

Protecting Our Dental Staff

Every Mary Ellen Wynn, DDS team member is highly trained to keep themselves, our patients, and the office environment clean and safe. We keep the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines posted and have passed all of our on-site inspections.


All of our dental staff team members practice thorough hand hygiene, including frequently washing with warm water and hospital-grade antimicrobial soap. We keep the entire office environment clean by stocking and encouraging the use of alcohol-based antibacterial hand sanitizers.


Clinical team members also wear PPE, or personal protective equipment, which includes scrubs, facial masks, and eyewear. We use and discard disposable latex gloves with each examination.


The success of our practice is only possible through outstanding relationships with our patients. We appreciate your time and patience as we continuously work to maintain a clean office environment for your visit.


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